About Us

Paws for Giant Steps Melbourne is a social enterprise, established in 2019 by the senior students of Giant Steps Melbourne.

Our aim is to create dog products that your dog is going to love! These products currently include a line of artisan dog treats.

Profits from this business will go towards fundraising for Giant Steps Melbourne as well as expanding the range of pet friendly products currently on offer. As the business grows, we plan to create leashes, bowls and other amazing toys for your beloved pooch.

About the Program

Paws for Giant Steps Melbourne is an exciting inaugural project, allowing Senior Secondary students to engage in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

This social enterprise offers students an opportunity to engage in a two-year project that will also support their transition beyond school and into potential workplaces. The Paws program is supporting young people with autism to build work experience skills, engage with the community, foster independence and promote social interactions and opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way.

The Giant Steps staff support Paws for Giant Steps Melbourne by employing autism specific teaching strategies within the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning – Foundation Level framework. Paws for Giant Steps Melbourne has leveraged the key interests of students; cooking and their enjoyment of spending time with pets. Current partners in this project include Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Box Hill Institute, Balwyn Rotary Club, and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

The students are required to participate in all elements of the social enterprise. This includes running business meetings, carrying out quality assurance, completing market research, employing industry-specific knowledge in consultation with Veterinary professionals and managing book-keeping.

Meet the team

Paws for Giant Steps Melbourne is a unique project specifically designed to promote opportunities for Senior Secondary students, all of whom have a diagnosis of autism.

Congratulations to:

  • Head of Communications – Tali
  • Head Chef – Hannah
  • Head of Marketing – Thibault
  • Head of Distribution – Brad
  • Head of Innovation – Alexander

The Team behind the Team: Verity Harvey – Curriculum Designer; Sam Kershler – Lead Teacher; Jess Kaufman/Joe Lipsham/Meg Taylor – Team Paws.

Our supporters


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