Our Schools



Every day at Giant Steps teachers, therapists and educators work intensively on the student’s individual goals and curriculum outcomes within a caring and supportive environment.

We work with all age levels.

SYDNEY: Early Learning (3-6 years), Primary School (5-12 years), Secondary School (12-18 years)

MELBOURNE: Foundation, Senior School (5-18 years).

We take a ‘best fit approach’ to place students in the most appropriate program to best meet their needs.

Features of the school program include:

  • A transdisciplinary approach where speech, occupational and music therapists work with special education staff in a collaborative team developing individual programs specific to each child’s needs and abilities within the Australian curriculum framework
  • A class grouping structure whereby students engage in whole class, small group, paired, whole school and, where appropriate, individual teaching and learning programs
  • Highly trained and committed staff
  • Individualised and small group instruction by specialist teachers and educators
  • Programs and therapies soundly based on current research
  • Setting of individual goals and close monitoring of a child’s progress
  • Program adjustment based on each child’s need
  • Parent consultation and guidance in supporting students within the home environment
  • Home visits, preschool visits (Sydney only) and transitional support to student’s next educational setting when required

Sydney Campus

Established in 1995, Giant Steps is now recognised as a leading education centre including a range of integral services to meet the needs of our students from 3-18 years.

Melbourne Campus

Established in 2016, teachers, therapists and educators work with students from 5-18 years on curriculum outcomes within a caring and supportive environment.


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